So, I'm fully employed once again. I started last Monday. It's nice to be employed, though now I'm back to thinking about vacation time and how it works.

I want to travel places. I guess work should always be one's primary focus and I'm totally ok with that as I like to work hard and contribute to society, I just wonder how you can pursue a hobby like traveling to broaden your horizons while being held to 10 days of travel(vacation) a year. I'm not quite sure how to make this work yet.

I believe I knew by choosing to live in Seattle, that I was giving up opportunities to travel. Vacation is spent almost entirely on family, which isn't a bad thing and I really wish I could visit them more, but it decreases the option to do other things and life becomes overly routine.

I dunno, I just want to at least have the option to visit Europe or be able to visit friends and family as much as I want too if the opportunities present themselves. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to talk to people who have had more travel opportunities and see what their thoughts are.

It is something I'll have to figure out. It just seems to be one of two things I really want that I'm missing right now. I'll have to think about this for awhile.

I guess I should feel fortunate I don't have children, as that would certainly limit travel opportunities more than anything else, though than I might get visited more too. :-p

I'll be home July 3-14 on what I believe will be unpaid, pre-approved time off.
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Getting ready for summer

Time for another thrilling post in the exciting red_sput livejournal series. As usual, I end up on livejournal, but not usual I actually add a blog post.

Last week was pretty crazy. Had a first car accident. It took about 11 years before I got one so at least that's good. My brakes had been speaking to me for awhile, and I was just a few weeks from getting them replaced too. Either way, certainly not an expense I wanted right now. Now I've got a rental car while a body shop is fixing the front corners of the Camry.

I had a huge false start with the job search last week, a company pretty much told me they were going to hire me and then backed out at the last second due to a quick change in their hiring ability. I just keep taking it all one day at a time. My temporary job has been low stress, but I'm really eager to get started somewhere full time.

It's amazing how time flies by. It will be the fourth anniversary of my arrival in Seattle in a couple weeks. The wonderful Seattle summer has arrived again and I feel I need to take advantage of it more. I guess that is what significant others are for, though I don't see myself moving in that direction yet and still not sure if I will ever end up in that direction.

I'll be flying into Chicago July 3rd and coming back to Seattle the 14th. That should be an interesting trip, I'm looking forward to it though.

I've been craving social attention a little too much lately, I feel like the 21st century equivalent of "watched pots don't boil" would be "watched facebook/twitter/gmail don't produce status updates".........
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May and June are my slow months. I need to apply myself somehow, but end up in a rut. I'm excited for later this summer though.

Hmm, what to post about. The job search is pretty grinding, but I'm exceedingly resilent. I doubt further rejections will get me down. There's contract possibilities that are popping up which could present good learning experiences, and there is definitely some solid hope in some other opportunities. I've certainly been busy, but the weekends are exceedingly slow right now.

I've got a very kinetic personality. I always like doing something productive or active, though I'm not always successful at getting things started or initiating action until it reaches a breaking point. A conference I attended Friday had an hour segment about dealing with conflict. It was interesting. It's not easy, but obviously important that everyone in a group states their opinions in order for a group to be successful. I've seen so many strained relationships in so many circumstances lately among people in groups that it just doesn't make any sense to me. I just don't see the point in fighting when there are broader goals to accomplish.

Well, I'm looking forward to July, but I don't want to waste any time. I've got amazing friends and incredible relationships and I'm very thankful all the wonderful people in my life and those who support me. It gives me a lot of confidence that would otherwise be hard for me to gather.
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Time for a post

Well, we've made it to 2009. It seems like time continues to roll on. There's probably a lot to discuss from the past 9 months. Perhaps, the trips to Canada in July and November or the trip to Kansas in December but these now show up in the photo album on facebook which reaches a much greater audience.

I have nothing planned for this weekend. I'll probably work on organizing a few things.

There's a whole bunch I could write about now, but I'm not sure it would do much good, in the meantime I can feel another Saturday slipping away.
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Life is good

So it has been awhile. What have I been up to since the day I was stranded in the Denver airport in December? Well, 1st Quarter was definitely geared towards work. It was pretty crazy and a lot was going on, but it was also a good learning experience. I've definitely been fairly busy with all kinds of stuff which has allowed things to roll along rather smoothly & quickly.

I'll be back to the Denver airport next week and then after a couple days of hiking, alpine slides and perhaps other activities I'll be catching a ride back to Chicago and spend a couple days with the parents for Memorial Day before flying back.

Definitely looking forward to the next few months. No place is better to be than Seattle in the summer.
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What better thing to do than post when you are stranded in Denver

So I arrived in Denver about 3 hours ago and it's a beautiful sunny day here. My flight got in from Seattle 20 minutes early and now the flight to KC from here is being continually delayed as they are having a major storm event so I'm using my new computer to surf the net on the airport Wifi.

I haven't posted since August. It has been a very busy fall as I had expected. Las Vegas was a blast, hiking Mt. Rainier with my brother was awesome, and alumni band at Purdue was really cool as usual in a 'band geek' kind of way.

Work has gotten increasingly busy but I'm getting more higher level things to do as well. I'm currently trying hard to get to Kansas for Christmas, but the weather is no cooperative. I am enjoying my stay in Colorado though :-p

I'm also now an officially licensed CPA in the state of Washington. I have the cool little certificate & license material and you can look me up on the Washington Board of Accountancy's website under licensee search.

Life is good.
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Vegas Baby

I'll be in Vegas the next three days. Never been so I'm looking forward to it.

Work is really great right now. I feel very fortunate.

I had yet to mention this here, but the AICPA sent me a letter a few weeks ago saying on the first part of the CPA exam that they told me I had failed, there was a scoring error on it and I really passed. So I passed all four parts on the first try and passed one part twice. They'll reimburse me for the retake, but I don't get the study time back, boo. I can pay the emergency room fees for my broken nose now I guess. I met with my controller and she agreed to sign off on my experience so I should be licensed in the next few months.

I'll be moving to Kirkland at the end of September. Not too much closer to work than I am right now(still close enough to save 15-20 minutes on the commute each way though), but I really like the location, it is also a lot cheaper then my current place(smaller though too).

Looking forward to football season. Ohio State is visiting out here in a couple weeks so I'll watch them, and I've got a couple Oregon State trips to sit in the coach's box there planned as well again. We can't forget alumni band either. Talk about a packed fall, but it'll be great.
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Seattle heat?

So today was the "hot" day in Seattle. We broke a record high and recorded a 98 degree reading at the airport. While it may have been that warm temperature-wise. It felt quite pleasant. There's no such thing as "hot & humid" here. A 98 degree reading feels more like 92-94 since the air is so dry. The heat usually lasts one to two days before we cool back into the typical low 70s and we record maybe five 90 degree days all summer long.

People don't have air conditioning here, and there is definitely no need for it. We have that one day where we hit 90 and all the news people run around trying to figure out how people are surviving, what their plan for being cool is, and how dangerous heat can be. It is quite comical because the duration is so short. You can't have two straight weeks over 90 like in Chicago or pretty much everywhere else back east. It just doesn't happen. It's amazingly pleasant, but anytime you see people try to deal with stuff that is extreme to them or pushes them out of their limited comfort zone it is interesting to watch.

So I continue enjoy the pleasant summers out here. I'll be trekking to a wedding near Chicago next weekend, and my parents will be out here the following weekend for a trip to the Pacific Coast & the Olympic Peninsula. Two weekends later I'll be at a wedding in Oregon and two weekends after that I'm planning a trip to Vegas. Then it will be football season and all the travel related to that.

All right, that's enough for now. The stitches are out of my nose and it looks a lot better despite the break. I'm still enjoying the summer.
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An eventful week

So all is still going ok out here in Seattle. I passed the ethics exam a week and a half ago so now I just have to sit down with a CPA and have my experience verified and then I'll send out the CPA license application.

Our company had our annual Mariner's Suite day last Wednesday where we got out early and got to spend the afternoon in a suite with coworkers in Safeco. It's nice to have a few events like that.

On Thursday I was playing softball with coworkers and got hit dead on in the nose with a throw I wasn't able to catch. I bled a whole lot and had to go to the ER and get stitches. The nose did break so I will have to follow up with that. I've been sort of sick for the last couple of weeks so this complicates that a bit too. Oh well, I'll make it through. It just doesn't look very pretty right now.

July is finally almost here, the back half the month will be quite a bit busier than the opening half.

Life sort of has me bummed out again, it's just one of those nights....
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Sunday evening

So I haven't posted in awhile, but it's a little wet today. We're getting close to our continuous summer dry season soon, so I figured I'd get a post in.

So what have I been doing since late February? Well, the CPA exam is over, but for some reason it doesn't feel like I have any more time. I still haven't filled out the application for the license, taken the ethics exam, or have my experience signed off on. All of those are relatively simple tasks though, and I expect to be completed with them in the next month or so. I guess I sort of made time for the studying and now that I can go home and go to sleep early so I can be fully alert the following day I sort of do that.

I went to my first wedding of the year in April in Chicago, another wedding is coming up in Indianapolis in June. It also looks like I may have one in August and one in November out here as well. It is definitely the year of the weddings.

The parents are coming out in late July so I'll be using that to visit the Olympic Penninsula & National Park. I'm definitely looking forward to that since I have yet to go to the Pacific Coast since I've been here.

I don't have much planned for Memorial Day, but I'm sure things will arise. My company has been doing some fun events. We finished up our Volleyball league a couple weeks ago and the softball league is just getting under way. We'll be renting out a Mariner's suite in late June on a weekday afternoon. That should be a really good time.

Life continues to move along. Definitely looking forward to the summer weather ahead.
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